New blog


Here we go again

Not the first one

It has probably been about a year since I took down my previous blog. I took it down because I figured the content was really low quality for the most part. I don’t think I had any regular readers so I doubt anyone actually cared. Before I took it down I also messed up my site configuration which changed all URLs and in turn made all search engines hate my site because of all the 404s people got. It was a dumpster fire and I put it out.

Back at it

What brought me back? For a while I didn’t really do much interesting, my days consisted mostly of playing video games. That never feels like something to write about. Now for the past week however I’m feeling one of those productive periods starting up again. I feel like some interesting things might come up so I’ll try to write down what I’m doing. Writing stuff down sometimes also helps me clear out my head, so why not.

Technical details

My previous blog was made with Wordpress. Everything worked quite well and Wordpress is really easy to extend. However I don’t really like the idea of using a full-blown CMS for 99% static content, it feels like such a waste. Also I moved from using Apache to using Nginx and I can’t bother to find out how to configure Nginx for PHP so there’s that. That is why I decided to go with static site generation this time. Initially I was thinking about making my own site generator. However doing a decent job at it takes a lot of time and I really don’t have much fun doing it. I decided to go with static site generator called Hugo instead. Basically I write my posts to a file with some markup, run a command and deploy the files to my web server. Simple fast, efficient and I don’t ever have to worry about someone hacking the massive security hole called Wordpress. Everyone likes instantly loading web pages, right?

Expectations going forward

In the upcoming days/weeks/months I hope to write about my experiences and doings. Mostly about computer science / software development. For example for the past week I’ve been looking into ways of compiling C code into Webassembly using the brand new llvm wasm backend. Hopefully I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming post about it.

Newer: Compiling WebAssembly with LLVM/Clang